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Gene Hofer
Huntley, IL
Hi Larry,
I want to thank you for the nice job you did on the kitchen backsplash.
If you want to use my name as a reference, please do.

Gene Hofer
Dan Burke
Sun City Huntley
Our shower door shattered into a million pieces of glass. No replacement except by "special order" and a 3 week wait. Larry finds a compatible door set but size is slightly smaller and requires an "engineered fix".  Thoughtfully, quietly and confidently, Larry creates the solution, requiring 3 separate changes to the new door set, exhibiting the brilliance of a craftsman that he is. I can only say, that Larry with his thoughtful analytical approach to SOLVE problems combined with his experience renders him a Maestro with the tools...truly one of a kind!
Bill and Diane R
Sun City Huntley
We asked Larry if he could put in a wood floor for us at a reasonable price and he came thru with both. Very personable and knows his stuff. Larry also noticed that our garage door was acting up and phoned a person he knew and trusted to come out and take a look. Oscar is very good at what he does. He came out and within 1/2 hour had the door repaired. Thank You Larry.
Yvette J.
Arlington Heights
It was my lucky day in 2009 when I 'let my fingers do the walking' and called Larry's Home Maintenance for a quote on some basement work. He was at least the fourth person I had tried.  They either hadn't answered the phone or hadn't called back when they said they would.  Larry came out that very afternoon.  We were immediately impressed with his knowledge and industry.  Soon we would become even more impressed by his professionalism, integrity, and workmanship.  From April 2009 to today August 1,2013 it has been Larry, Arturo, and others recommended by Larry who have fixed and remodeled my old house. There have been too many projects to list, but here are a few....There was the first project during which Larry had to remove most of the paneling from our basement in order to locate the leak.  He never stopped hunting--not only found the leak but also found its source---shoddy workmanship from the company that had moisture-sealed my basement.  Larry also checked my contract paperwork and determined that their work was still under warranty. How about that!  He saved us money.  He also saved that old wall paneling and replaced it after the company came over to repair their bad work.  Over the years, he and his staff have remodeled two of my bathrooms, replaced sub-flooring, moved a toilet, removed an old kitchen area in the basement capping the gas and shutting the electrics and remodeling the area. He has replaced insulation, rodded out a sink and a shower stall, updated to code my kitchen and all bathroom electrics, created laundry chute doors, put up all sorts of things like outdoor lights, a new mailbox, installed new bathroom sinks and a marble sill. Always, always I had complete confidence.  No surprises.  Arturo recently finished painting my first floor. What a beautiful job!  Now I am proud of my house and deeply grateful to Larry, Arturo, and others like Jaimie Silva for their superb workmanship.  One more story and then I will stop....A few years ago I had been told by a plumber that I would need to replace the hot/cold levers in my tub.  Evidently they were too hard to turn.  I happened to mention this to Larry as he was doing another project for me.  He took a look at the levers, said that he would work on it, and fixed them.  They turn easily and freely. That's Larry....able to do it all. 

Sue Hennessy
Great team both Larry & Arturo! Quality work,very knowledgeable & so friendly!  Remodeled our office in Elgin & it looks beautiful! You can't go wrong using their company!  
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