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Oak Rail Installation

I installed this store-bought railing for a home in Palatine, IL.

Custom Bookshelves

I designed and built these bookshelves for a home in Palatine, IL. They are solid cherry, over 8' tall and 30" wide. All of the shelves are fully adjustable.

Altar Rebuild

I helped rebuild the altar at Church of the Holy Spirit in Schaumburg, IL. I also designed, constructed, finished, and installed the railing.

Aquarium Installation

After building a custom cabinet for this aquarium, I decided to build it into the wall. I moved the laundry room into the basement and remodeled the remaining space.

Assorted Improvements

I worked on various aspects of this home, from electrical to trim work. In addition to the pictures below, I cleaned the dryer vent and replaced all of the interior doors.

Shower Repair

This homeowner contacted me with their shower repair needs. The area had been leaking for some time, and started damaging the downstairs space. I not only repaired the leak, but restructured the shower to provide more showering space and remove an undesired low seat that went mainly unused.

Seating conversion

The homeowners wanted additional seating so people could converse with others in the kitchen.

Custom Bathroom in a 1924 home

Due to the original home being split into two rental units in the 1930's half of this bathroom had been raised 17". The original raised area had been covered in wood flooring material and was unusable. We removed the original tub, replacing it with a shower base. The flooring had been removed and replaced with the cabinets above. The cherry sill was custom made after the fact as the cabinet manufacturer did not supply it. The mirror over the vanity had to be made smaller since the new vanity was taller than the original. I made a custom frame for the mirror. Both the sill and mirror matched the cabinetry since the customer purchased a quart of stain from the cabinet manufacturer.

Room Addition

Remove part of the deck and add a room to the back of the house.

Kim, Lake in the Hills, IL

Remove the original stairs, paint the risers white and replace the stair treads with oak.

Built in bookcase adjustment

How do you put a 55" TV in a 31" space?

Fireplace makeover

A log fell out of the fireplace and burned several areas of the carpeting. The owner wanted to keep the original mantel but change all the tiling.

Tiffany style light

Dad made the light but not all the parts were there and it needed assembling.

Large breakfast bar

Dividing the kitchen from the dining room is a half high wall with only a white painted counter top. The customer wants to turn it into a breakfast bar so people can sit at it and chat while she is in the kitchen.